Code sby00000306

Gas detection signaling device UDAR-STG.

The device allows to detect dangerous concentration of combustible gases (methane, propane, etc.) in the air, generate an alarm notification and send a signal to activate the anti-explosion system.


  • Detection of combustible gases at a concentration of 10% of the explosive volume
  • High noise immunity
  • Emission of alarm notifications according to two thresholds of combustible gas concentration
  • Semiconductor sensitive element with a long service life
  • Low power consumption
Contents of the kit:
  • Gas detection signaling device UDAR-STG - 1 pc

from 9 to 17 V
Temperature range
from 0 °C to +50 °C
Protection class
112x41x32 mm
Detected concentration of combustible gases (propane) depending on the position of the "SENS" jumper
10 % LEL, 20 % LEL
The current consumed by the signaling device in the standby mode and in the "Alarm" mode
60 mА
Maximum switching current at 36 V, for contacts: "TAMPER" "C NC"
no more than 100 mА
Maximum load current for "+OUT-" contacts
no more than 3 А
Voltage at the contacts "+OUT-", at a current of 100 mA, not less than
Supply voltage -1 V
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