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Controlled outputs block BKV-A.

Addressable alarm subsystem features:

  • Connection of up to 250 addressable detectors.
  • Ring or radial addressable loop with short circuit and breakage control.
  • Encrypted exchange.
  • Addressable loop range is 1 km with a cross section of 0.75mm2 (127 devices).
  • Short circuit insulator for localization of short-circuited sections of the addressable loop.
  • Power supply over the addressable loop.
  • Fast delivery of the first alarm (less than 1 second).
  • High resistance to interference and noise.
  • Protection against detectors swapping.
  • Low current consumption (coordinator - 20mA, detectors - 0.5mA).
  • Activation of the detector identification mode to simplify the search.
  • High information content (detector type, release date, software version).
  • Remote configuration and control (on/off indication, sensitivity change, etc.).
  • Remote testing of detectors.

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