PYRONE-4 vers.1

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Designed to detect intrusion in the protected indoor area.


  • Three models varying by lens type:
    Pyrone-4: wide angle,
    Pyrone-4B: vertical curtain,
    Pyrone-4D: pet immunity to the animals with weight up to 20 kg (cats and smooth-haired dogs).
  • Spherical lens providing the field of view without any deviations, high gathering capability, look down zones building;
  • Discrete adjustment of detect abilit;
  • Bug guard;
  • Power supply 8-30V DC;
  • Microprocessor signal analysis;
  • Energized Form A (NC) alarm relay;
  • Bracket for additional order.


Detection range:

12 m
10 m
10 m
Current consumption 12 mА
IP rating IP41
Operating temperature -30 … +50 ° C
Size 88х59х44 mm
Weight 0,1 kg