Infrared Flame Detector
ATM security vibration, Tilt and Gas detector
Designed for registration people passing through the detection zone.
771.72 руб
Wireless flood detector
1861.60 руб
Seismic vibration detector
840.00 руб
Wireless passive infrared
detector for open areas
Security Combined PIR + Glass Break Ceiling-mounting Detector ”Orlan-2”
Wireless glass break two-zones detector
Security Wireless Inertia Detector
ATM security vibration and Tilt detector
1587.69 руб
Flammable Gas Detector
Combined PIR + Glass-break Detector
Combined PIR + Glass-break Detector
Wireless Passive Infrared Detectors
Light Alarm Annunciator
Outdoor passive infrared
1948.18 руб
Wireless Zone Extension Module.Repeater
2727.00 руб
Combined PIR + Glass-break Detector
Multi-band flame detector
Security Fog Generator "Udar-T-2"
3.00 руб
3.00 руб
Wireless Combined Alarm Alerter
Wireless combined outdoor siren
Passive infrared detectors
270.00 руб